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Key Features 01

Data Hall Management

ensuring availability of IT services

Energy Efficiency Management

• Integrated management of target index (PUE, WUE, CUE, DCiE, etc.)

• Search/analyze/manage the current value of the target index

• Threshold display for target index management

Rack Power Monitoring

• Visualize power status and power consumption per rack

• Monitor power status (overvoltage/current, undervoltage/current) by rack and generate an alarm

Data Hall Environment Monitoring

• Data hall temperature and humidity distribution map

• Power usage distribution by rack


Key Features 02

Infrastructure Management

Achieving carbon neutrality through maximization of energy efficiency


• Visualize air conditioning system P&ID

• Displays cold and hot passages, temperature distribution, and overheating/supercooling points

• Status monitoring of cooling tips, freezers, CRAH/CRAC, etc.

• Condition monitoring of air conditioners, rainwater tanks, water tanks, etc.

Power Facilities

• Power system SLD visualization

• Interconnection with switchgear monitoring system

• Monitor power distribution panels, generators and renewable energy

• Monitor power equipment such as UPS and STS

Fire and Disaster Prevention, Security Facilities, etc.

• Real-time monitoring of heat, smoke and emission information (interfaced to fire extinguishing system)

• (VESDA interfaced) Alarm level status monitoring

• (in connection with the leak monitoring system) Monitoring of leaks and location of leaks

• Provide a real-time viewer (connected to CCTV)

• (access control interfaced) Access status monitoring

* Each item should be changed depending on the equipment or system to be interfaced


Key Features 03

Failure Management

self-resilience through automated failover

Failure Management

• Set failure severity rating

• Fault recognition, shutdown, automatic recovery step-by-step management

• Visualize the location of failure

Alarm Management

• Notification of alarms to designated recipients via SMS or email

• Alarm notification control at a specific time period using the schedule function

• Save alarm history


• Visualization of raw data by performance

• Visualize statistical data by period

• Zoom in/out and scrolling for easy analysis


Key Features 04


analysis and reporting for data-driven operation management

• Generate reports by device/performance/failure

• Generate daily/weekly/monthly/yearly reports

• Format conversion to PDF



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