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An open and reliable, high availability solution


Integrated Management of Data Center Facilities

• Comprehensive data hall management

• Provide interfaces for subsystem integration (OPC, SNMP, BACnet and various communication protocols)

• Built-in latest IEC communication protocol


High Availability System Architecture

• Selective redundant operation mode

• Time series/statistics DB capable of processing big data

• Providing other DB interfaces

• Offers DCIM power and network redundancy versatility


Carbon Emission Activities and Information Interface

• Management of energy efficiency index (PUE, WUE, CUE, DCiE, REF, etc.)

• Accommodate data exchange API required by global CSP

• Global CSP dedicated portal (optional)


High Agile to Customer Needs

• Provides a graphic editor that does not require source code changes

• Logic configuration without source code change based on international standard programming language


Providing Cyber Security Solutions

• Cyber security in line with international standards

• Track notification occurrence history

• Permission settings and history tracking per screen and control button according to the set level

• Events must be recorded and play back based on past events (optional)


Data Center High Productivity

• Remote monitoring through web support

• Set the level of failure

• SMS/email alarm notification

• IT asset management (optional)



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