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The market for energy management and facility management automation in high energy consumption areas (factories, industrial complexes, data centers) is growing.

DCIM은 무엇인가
전기 라인 고정


What is DCIM?

It is a data center dedicated system that manages data center infrastructure, IT equipment, data hall environment, etc. and provides an integrated energy and PUE dashboard for efficient and stable operation management.

The DCIM system integrates and operates facility automatic control and power automatic control necessary for data center management and operation, and is a system that enables efficient management in conjunction with other systems such as disaster prevention and security system.


The Need for DCIM

Tools for data center comprehensive situation management

Increase Service Availability

Prevention of unplanned service outages

Reduce operating costs

Increased productivity of IT resources and personnel

Business agility

Ease of construction and rapid response to customer requirements


Carbon Neutral Response

Energy for ESG and RE100 Response

and renewable energy management


Key Function of DCIM

Innovative solutions for smart and green data centers

golden cube
Integrated Control

Floor environment and infrastructure

unification of management

2024-04-17 22 37 09.png
Increase Interoperability

Through linkage between other systems

unification of surveillance

2024-04-17 22 37 08 (2).png
Energy Efficiency Management

Linkage with infrastructure for target management of key indicators (PUE, WUE, CUE, DCiE, etc.)

2024-04-17 22 37 09 (2).png
Global CSP service

Accommodates data exchange APIs and private portal

2024-04-17 22 37 08 (3).png
Convenient Facility Management

Fault grading, alarm occurrence, action history management

2024-04-17 22 37 09 (3).png
Nondisruptive Solution

Useful structure for high availability and interworking of subsystems through redundancy

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