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An integrated solution that enables energy efficiency, self-reliance, and integrated energy monitoring management of factories and industrial complexes.

CEMS system dashboard screen shot


Main feature 01

Energy efficiency

Real-time measurement and control, energy data management

Measurement infrastructure management

• Integrated management of electricity, gas flow, and environmental sensor

Peak power management

• Power factor management

• Power quality management

• Time-Of-Use(TOU) management

Control infrastructure management

• Energy target management for equipment or process, factory

• Demand Response management

• Energy efficiency control for air compressor, motor, refrigerator, etc.

• Reduce heat loss

Energy data management

• Local FEMS server (optional)

• Export data to CSV format

• Energy diagnosis document management

• AI-based abnormal data detection

• Digital twin-based digital improvement cycle


Main feature 02

Energy independence

Renewable energy source management / Demand Response resourcemanagement / Dis tributed energy for industrial complex or factory independence management

Renewable energy source management

• Management of power generation and amount

• Management of power generation history by hour/day/month

• Generator equipment status management

Demand resource(DR) resource management (optional)

• DR resource CBL management

• DR resource forecasting and market participation

• Implementation and reporting of reduction orders

Distributed energy for industrial complex or factory (optional)

• Renewable energy resource management

• Power generation forecast and market bidding

• Responding to and reporting emergency power orders


Main feature 03

energy monitoring

Dashboard / Performance Indicator / Industrial Complex Synergy Management


• Factory/industrial complex data visualization

• Estimated energy bills

• Estimation of potential energy saving

Energy performance Index

• Baseline model and savings management

Greenhouse gas reduction and management

• Energy intensity and electricity bill price

• Energy reception rate/connection rate/reliability management

Industrial complex synergy management (optional)

• Monitoring energy use in key industries

• Monitoring usage by energy source

• Energy transfer and resource management between factories


Main feature 04

Customer Management

Energy usage report and alarm / customized support project proposal

Reports and Alarms

• Monthly or daily energy usage reports for industry comples and factories

Energy saving suggestions

• Peak alert happens when the demand forelectricity is much higher than normal

New business proposals and data management

• Management by account

• System access history management

• Providing standardized API for 3rd party interface

• SNS real-time channels

• Suggestion of government subsidy program

System application image for each device



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